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The Letter

I’m so sick of the excuse “they’re still your mom/dad/sister/brother/etc.” no, toxic is toxic You have the right to cut anyone off who is unhealthy to you   The above quote is something a friend recently posted on Facebook, and

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Ripples or The Biggest Imprint of All

As you know, this blog is about people and events that have had an impact on my life. Have played a role in shaping who I am today. We do not live in a vacuum. I am the result of

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This and That or There But For the Grace of God Go I

I was feeling disappointed this morning. I had just finished meditating, the whole time during which my lower back ached. I  injured it a couple of weeks ago and it was hurting. A lot. So much for my plans. I

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As the earth gives us food and air and all the things we need May I give my heart to caring for all others until all attain awakening For the good of all sentient beings May loving kindness be born

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