Looks ARE Deceiving

I have often thought about the fact that I really don’t know what is going on in another human being’s life, especially when, in my perception (and that is all it is: my perception), that individual is behaving in a negative way. I am grateful for this post; it is well worth sharing. Peace to you all.

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We can never know what’s going on for someone else.

I was at the Tuscon airport a couple of days ago, preparing to fly back home here to Montana. I sat down at the terminal, in close enough proximity to a woman who’s cell phone conversation I could hear very readily. She was an attractive woman. Shoulder-length blonde hair, middle-aged. She was sitting at the electronic port station situated in front of a large window overlooking the tarmac. Although there was little I could do not to overhear her conversation, I felt badly for eavesdropping, so I quickened my pace in getting the music going on my iPod. In the meantime, however, I learned that she was leaving her 20-something-year-old son behind, to return back home, after situating him into a rehab. He was not at all well – detoxing, incoherent, unable to care for himself. His girlfriend would be…

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2 comments on “Looks ARE Deceiving
  1. Quite true, for example still trying to figure out why Anthony Bourdain committed suicide

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  2. 5amt3n says:

    Your comment brings to mind Robin Williams. My heart goes out to anyone who is so unhappy that they choose this route. Be well, my friend…


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