It’s Called Penobscot for a Reason

I wish to share this post with all of you because not only do I believe that it very much resonates with the theme of this blog, but is of great importance. This post saddens me. When will we ever learn? I like to believe that, bit by bit, more and more people are becoming aware of the need to not only respect the rights of indigenous people, but to see and embrace their wisdom of the earth in relation to all that is. I pray that the right actions are taken to protect them and this precious planet that we call earth.

Finding Our Way Home

Kirk Francis [Penobscot chief, Kirk Francis, speaking at the rally] Yesterday, I went up to Bangor for a Penobscot River Sovereignty Rally.  This was in response to a recent Appeals Court ruling that stated that the Penobscot River is not a part of the Penobscot Nation–despite the history, despite the fact that the water has never been ceded by any treaty.  This description is from the Event Page:

On Friday, June 30th, the First Circuit Court of Appeals sanctioned the State of Maine’s territorial taking of the Penobscot Nation’s ancestral waterways, by ruling against the Tribe in the Penobscot Nation v. Attorney General Janet Mills, case.

We will not accept this decision. We now call upon ALL of our friends to come and stand with us during this critical time, to say no to the State’s continued infringement upon Tribal rights. Their attempts to violate standing treaty rights and the Maine…

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