This brought back a memory for me. A memory of a man who I would frequently see begging on the streets of Toronto. I often stopped to say hello and chat a bit. One day as we were chatting he told me his story. At one time he held a job, had a wife, and children. His wife left with their children. She did not tell him where she had gone. He never saw them again. It completely broke him. My heart broke that day. Even as I write this I feel the sadness overtaking me again. We really do not know everyone’s stories. Their conditions. I don’t believe in judging people. What I do believe is in kindness for every living being. I am just so aware that we all want to be happy. None of us wants to suffer. We all deserve love and kindness. Thank you Lorraine for bringing this into our awareness in such a beautiful way.

You gave shelter
When there was no one there
Who would make room for a woman
With child
There is still no room at the inn
For those untidy lives
That do not hit
The mark

Make room
For untidy
Ones who beg for mercy
For in truth they may be angels
Your path
Angels do not always have wings
But tangled hair, no shoes,

Judge not
Those whom you see
Who do not look the same
As you, who walk the streets begging
One day
You too
May find yourself in that dark place
May there be a stable
To shelter you
Give warmth

The world
Is untidy
Littered with lives gone wrong
Upside down people challenging
The right
Way up
Ones who really are upside down
A new world of mercy
Beckons us all
Greet it

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8 comments on “NEW WORLD BECKONING
  1. Nadine says:

    What a wonderful poem and story… I can relate so much to this because yes, every time I talk to a person on the streets and find out more, I admit my bias is confirmed, how much we are all the same at heart. It’s very overwhelming at times to perceive all the suffering. But just as others bring a ray of sun to us at times which makes all the difference (as you have done for me this morning, and as you perhaps did many times for that man in Toronto), those times when we do stop to offer a listening ear, or even a coin and a smile, if that’s all we can afford in the moment, can replenish a heart for another moment, another day. Thanks for being a ray of sun, and for sharing this lovely poem, dear Samten. Your About page is both inspiring and enlightening, by the way; happy to know your name ☀️🙏💛

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    • 5amt3n says:

      Thank you. You have always struck me as a very caring person with a very big heart. People who have the good fortune to cross paths with you are very fortunate. I agree with you completely that we never know where a kind word or a smile will go, the effect it may have on another…and such a simple thing to do as well. You are welcome; I feel humbled by your words. Be well, my friend. ❤

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  2. blindzanygirl says:

    Thankyou so much for this. It warmed my heart.

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  3. Great post. Quite true. Everyone does have a story. Sometimes several. Twists and turns we can’t always imagine or comprehend. That’s one reason why compassion is so important.

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  4. 5amt3n says:

    Thank you. You are so right about us all having a story. As you have probably figured out by now, I try to always come from a compassionate place. For me, there is much peace living my life that way.

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  5. Sha'Tara says:

    I just ‘signed up’ to follow. Your blog seems like a welcome breath of fresh air! Speaking of stories, if time permits you may want to read this short story I posted a while back: It’s entitled “What’s your Story?”

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  6. 5amt3n says:

    Thank you for your kind words…and a big thank you for sharing the story you wrote. Ironically, your story brought back another memory for me of a man who was begging just a bit down the street from a supermarket I frequent. I remember taking the time, not just to donate a bit, but to chat. As we chatted I was just so aware that he was no different than me. We all want to be happy. We all need that positive human connection. We finished our chat and I continued on my way to the supermarket, the both of us the better for having enjoyed a bit of social connection. Take care.

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